Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fly Free ~'s been a while.  Better now than not, yes?  I hear and read so much talk about the 'changes' that are occurring on our planet, not only physically, but spiritually as well.  The 'gist' of it for me is that, it is a time to really BE within ourselves.  Fake stuff doesn't work anymore.  We need to be REAL.  CREATIVE.  Anything that makes our Inner Soul leap with joy is of the utmost importance now.  Thus, my title.  Fly Free.  There is no other option.

I myself began noticing a change within my own personal surroundings starting at the end of 2011.  I discovered friendships that no longer worked for my Being.  Worries that no longer had a place to sit within me.  Old painful memories that can't be stored in any sort of box in the back of my Cosmic Closet.  Clean.  Flying Free.  No room for excess baggage. Fly Free.

I also find that sharing this easy philosophy with others seems to ring a truth in them as well...and we celebrate this new found freedom for and with each other.  How GRAND is that?  How inspiring!

For me, I've been in such creative bliss!  Directing, writing, performing, creating...constantly creating something, everything!  There IS a change!  And I am rising to it's BIG-NESS.

And creating for 'Creativity and Company' is more than thrilling.  What is supposed to be 'work' is such 'play' that seems to take only moments of joy, yet when I look at the clock, 3 to 4 hours have easily passed!

If you are any creative Being what so ever, you know what I'm talking about.  That link and contact with our Souls on a level that surpasses the greatest Ice Cream Sundae known to man!  AND...we DON'T have to give up the Ice Cream Sundae, either!!!!

SO!  'Creativity and Company' is my passion now for creating and showing how to make all sorts of things.  All kinds of wonderful down-loads that will hopefully inspire you and yours.  Many of them free, ALL of them affordable.

Let's keep Creating!  There's NOTHING like that is ALL it IS!!!

Fly Free!

Keep It Joy-FULL!

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